Boloro is a new global mobile payments network. Our mission is to empower everyone, who owns and wants to pay by mobile phone, with access to secure financial services, improving quality of life and eliminating the hassles of cash.

Using mobile technology in a new business model, Boloro is a general purpose branded network reaching the world’s mobile customer base through their trusted mobile operators as well as with their financial institution. Boloro connects to many kinds of merchants and governments giving people new ways to pay. Mobile customers can Tap and Pay at face-to-face merchants, Tap and Go on buses and other interesting locations and click and pay with online merchants.

The Boloro Global management team is highly experienced and has relevant backgrounds in global payments, telecom, international management, as well as global business, financial services and global marketing.

Boloro Global has developed and is operating a payments platform using its own intellectual property, (patented in 45 countries) for mobile payments authentication. Boloro Global works with local companies owned and run by successful local businessmen with extensive experience and respect in their markets. Boloro is currently operational in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Africa, with more countries launching in 2015.

Boloro is owned and operated by Boloro Global Limited, incorporated in Delaware with headquarters in New York, USA.