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Jobs to Be Done workshop

Jobs to be Done
Dtec Event
April 8 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

At its core, the concept of JTBD is straightforward: focus on people’s objectives independent of the means used to accomplish them. Customers don’t simply buy a product or service—they “hire” it to do a “job”.

According to Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen “Somewhere between 75 and 85 percent of all new products launched into the market don’t succeed financially. The reason”, he goes on to add, “they don’t target a job that people are trying to get done.”

JTBD offers a structured way of understanding customer needs, helping to predict better how customers might act in the future – hence proving an invaluable innovation tool and framework. It provides a common unit of analysis for teams to focus on—the job to be done—and then offers a shared language for the whole team to understand value as perceived from the customer perspective. JTBD not only frames innovation and marketing efforts, but it also provides a way of grounding strategy in real-world observations.

Join the DTEC family for a short talk and introduction to Jobs-To-Be-Done with team EPIC.

Talk Objectives

1. Introduce you to Jobs-to-Done’ – what it is and why it’s useful

2. How tech startups as well as established companies have benefited from it

3. Get you to learn about the JTBD framework through a few hands-on-exercises

4. Introduce you to the key steps required for adopting JTBD

5. Help you decide whether it’s something you would want to adopt

Who Should Attend

• Anyone looking for a structured way to identify, document and communicate customer needs

• Especially relevant to product design and development teams as well as marketing team

• Entrepreneurs or Startups looking for a structured way to build, and even sell their vision and strategic product roadmap to investors

Speaker’s Background

Amongst the first few Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXP) in the region, Ghulam Husnain Ali has over 22 years of experience in management consulting and governance and risk services. He started his career at Ernst & Young and moved to Deloitte Consulting before founding his own boutique CX consulting firm, EPIC Consulting in Dubai in 2014. He has worked in diverse domains such as CX, business strategy, operations & technology consulting, financial audit, and technology audit & governance.

In recent years, Ghulam and his team have designed and conducted a variety of physical and online customer journey mapping (CJM) workshops and webinars for a wide range of audiences such as corporate teams, innovation, agile, design and UX community members in Europe, Africa Middle East and Asia, and start-up communities like DTEC, In5 in Dubai Internet City, and AstroLabs.

Apart from running journey mapping, service blueprinting and team alignment corporate and public workshops, Ghulam is currently engaged with Majid Al Futtaim (a UAE based multi-business and multi-geography conglomerate) to help them embed a customer obsessed CX culture across all its geographies and lines of business.