26 Sep
26 September 2017 - 26 September 2017


Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre
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TechForum which  is a tech-focused, educational and networking event which takes place within Dtec and held once every quarter. Aimed at creating a platform for technology professionals, experts, academics, entrepreneurs and the general community, the TechForum features around around 2-3 speakers  to focus on one specific topic that is hot in the technology world.

Main theme for this session will be announced soon

Latest News
Infographic: Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions
With 7 startup acquisitions in the year to-date, 2017 is already far and away Amazon’s most active year for M&A.
VAT Registration In The UAE Is Around The Corner. Here’s What The New Law Says
Full scope and details of the VAT-related law to be released late 2017 but the understanding is small startup businesses are exempt. For now.
Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup MEA Contest Dubai 2017
Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) Dubai 2017 is now open for submission for a chance to join the Alibaba Cloud Conference in Hangzhou and the International Tournament in Shanghai in the second week of October.
Truck service startups are on the rise in the UAE
UAE is now seeing a rise in truck service startups that use technology to match trucks with clients. Yalla Pickup and Trukker share their thoughts on the trend.