Infographic: Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions

Infographic: Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions

With Amazon on an M&A spree this year, we looked at its all-time largest deals in a visual timeline.

As we discovered in our analysis of Amazon’s M&A strategy, Amazon has traditionally been a conservative buyer of companies. Despite the historic Whole Foods mega-acquisition ($13.7B) as well as a few big-name buys like shoe retailer Zappos ($1.2B, 2009) and e-sports streaming site Twitch ($970M, 2014), on the whole, Amazon has historically been far less acquisitive than its tech giant competitors.

The tide, however, may be turning. With 7 acquisitions in the year to-date, 2017 is already far and away Amazon’s most active year for M&A.

This year’s M&A spree began in Q1’17 with the high-profile purchase of, the so-called “Amazon of the Middle East” that it bought for $580M. Amazon has also bolstered its AWS cloud offerings by buying a number of developer and enterprise tools, like Harvest.aiThinkbox Software, and

With its acquisitions now happening at a blistering pace, we created a visual time of Amazon’s all-time largest deals.

Lovefilm International, Annapurna Labs, Quidsi, Kiva Systems, Twitch Interactive, Zappos, Audible, Amazon Acquisitions,, Souq MENA,


A few takeaways from the graphic:

  •  At a whopping $13.7B, Amazon’s recent Whole Foods acquisition is by far the largest acquisition. That’s more than 10 times the size of the #2 largest deal, which was to Zappos.
  • 7 of the top 10 deals were at valuations of $500M or greater.
  • The smallest deal to make the top 10 was Elemental Technologies, which was valued at $296M.
  • All but 2 deals were for under $1B.
  • The deals reflect Amazon’s extremely diverse business interests: media and content (LoveFilm, Twitch, Audible), streaming infrastructure (Elemental), ecommerce (Souq, Quidsi, Zappos), computing hardware (Annapurna Labs), and robotics (Kiva Systems).

Source: CB Insights – Infographic: Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions

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Infographic: Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions
With 7 startup acquisitions in the year to-date, 2017 is already far and away Amazon’s most active year for M&A.
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