Apply now for Co-working

Apply Now

To Apply for Dtec Coworking Membership, here are the documents that you need to submit:

  1. Dtec Application Form (Link, PDF)
    • Name(s) of Manager, Director and Company Secretary
    • Maximum of five (5) activities. Check out the List of Activities & Description (Link, PDF) to guide you
  2. Business plan and company overview (Link, Word Doc)
  3. Curriculum vitae of the Manager along with all the applicants including the Director, Company Secretary and Shareholder(s).
  4. Clear and colored copies of Passport, UAE Visa and Emirates ID (if applicable) of all Shareholders and Manager
  5. Documents required by Immigration Office for visa application:
    • Clear and colored copy of the attested Degree Qualification of the Manager
    • Attested Birth Certificate

Here are some helpful information to guide you through the application process:

  • Dtec Pricing Information (Link, PDF). Rates are exclusive of VAT.
  • Government Services Price List (Link, PDF)
  • Stages of Dtec Application (Link, PDF)

Once you have the required documents ready, you can attach them here:

Attach filled out application form + all required documents. You can attach one file, either a PDF or ZIP-archive. Maximum allowed file size is 6 Megabytes.