Challenge of Technology-Driven Transformation

Snow capped mountain range with a clear blue sky, a quote by Marc Andreessen Software is eating the world.The digitalization and innovative technologies are one of the key drivers of our century and have an encompassing impact on the economy as a whole and on each business individually. We are seeing a mass disruption in the corporate world. Across industries, technology is changing everything. Startups successfully enter and shape markets with new product offerings and new business models at a very high speed.

Technology has become embedded in products and services and is essential for core processes and service delivery. Or to put it more emphatically, with the words of Marc Andreesden “Software is eating the World”.

Senior management and business leaders must ask: How do we create a culture of innovation? How do we strengthen our digital capabilities? How do we accelerate the digital transformation?

Startups are inherently innovative, they are agile and adaptive. A startup culture in every aspect of its manifestation stands for innovation. ‘Startup’ has become synonymous with ‘digital’.

Dtec is home to hundreds of tech startups that reinvent businesses and industries every day by addressing consumer needs in new ways. We have tech startups that innovative in different verticals like Fintech, Retail Store Tech, Ed Tech, Health Tech, and Media. We also have startups that are industry agnostic and innovate horizontally in areas like Business Intelligence, Productivity, User Experience and Cybersecurity.

Dtec is a platform for corporates to engage with tech startups in a win-win outcome.

Dtec Corporate Innovation

Dtec Corporate Innovation is a set a programmes designed to tap into and leverage the innovation power of the vibrant Dtec Ecosystem for corporates to accelerate their digital transformation.

The Corporate Innovation programs differ in their purpose, time horizon and the required level of commitment. The programs can also be categorized and divided into the three stages of the innovation process:

  1. Discover – Discover new and innovative startups that disrupt your industry through our scouting programme; develop a better understanding of new technologies from workshops with tech startups.
  2. Design – Develop solutions by engaging with startups in hackathons; run Design Thinking Workshops together with our experts; get into co-creation with startups through our Innovation Labs.
  3. Deliver – Utilize assets via collaboration with startups through acceleration; enter into equity partnerships in adjacent growth areas to develop new businesses; acquire new capabilities and knowledge through Acqui-hires.

Depending on the overall objective, leadership conviction, organizational readiness, corporate culture, and available resources, corporates can choose the programme that best suits their overall innovation strategy. Based on our experience working in and with large enterprises, corporates are recommended to choose a number of options. There is no shortcut or silver bullet. What is required is a mix of initiatives partnered with a clear commitment.

An important thing to note is that all Dtec Corporate Innovation Programmes share the same common denominator: to accelerate and enrich existing corporate R&D efforts. The purpose of the Dtec Corporation Innovation Programme is to complement traditional innovation efforts – not to replace it.

Connect with Dtec Corporation Innovation

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