Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dtec?

Dtec is a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. An initiative of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Dtec is an entrepreneur campus and coworking space for technology entrepreneurs looking to start their business or expand their startup while immersing themselves in an environment built specifically for entrepreneurs.  Startups can join Dtec, setup their company with a freezone visa and 100% company ownership and gain access to the complete ecosystem of Dtec including events, workshops, potential funding, partnership opportunities and much more.

To find out more about setting up your company in Dtec click here

What is Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)?

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is a 100% government-owned free zone that promotes modern technology based industries with urban master-planned community, state-of-the-art infrastructure and in-house business services.

Dtec is an initiative of DSOA set up to give entrepreneurs and startups a space to start and grow their technology business. It is the largest technology entrepreneur campus in the Middle East.

What kind of companies can join Dtec?

Dtec is open to technology startups in the IT software services area.

What facilities are available?

Dtec offers three types of space for you to work from – hot desk, dedicated desk and small office.  Dtec is open 24/7 and features high speed wifi, meeting spaces, onsite café, plenty parking, a games room, free tea & coffee, corporate lab spaces, complete business setup including service license and visa, access to events and workshops, storage lockers & printing.

I’m not Emirati, can I join Dtec?

Yes, Dtec is open to all nationalities.  In fact, we have founders from more than 70 countries.

How long can I stay in Dtec?

Dtec is a hub for startups so you can remain in our space for up to 5 years.

Do you need an Emirati Partner to set up a company in Dtec?

No, Dtec is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis, a Dubai Government Free zone. As such, all companies located in Dtec receive the full free zone benefits including 100% ownership, one-stop-shop company registration and simplified visa procedures.

Is Dtec open at the weekend?

Yes, Dtec members have access to our space 24/7.

Is it a virtual office or do I have to use my desk space regularly?

Dtec is not a virtual office.  It is mandatory for all hot desk members to use their desk for at least 36 hours per month.  If this requirement is not met, DSOA has the right to cancel the license and lease.

What is the difference between Fixed Desk and Flexi Desk?

A flexi desk is the traditional coworking “hot” desk.  You don’t have an assigned space and sit anywhere within the coworking area with your laptop and mobile.  You will be eligible to 2 visas within this option.

A fixed desk provides you with your own desk space which will be used by you only.   With this option you can have a landline and a drawer unit for storage and will be eligible for 3 visas.

Both options give you full access to Dtec’s facilities and events.

What company activities are accepted in Dtec?

Dtec’s mission is to provide the best possible environment for tech startups to succeed. So at the very core of the business should be technology. Click here   for a list of company activities that are accepted in Dtec.

Will Dtec assist in securing the employment visa for startups within the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Free Zone?

DSOA has set up the Government Services department to serve the clients established and operating in the free zone. The Department is responsible for issuing employment visas and work permits to all the employees working with the companies registered under Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. The Department acts as a link between various government authorities such as General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai, Emirates Postal, Ministry of Health etc., and the customers of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.

Do I need to be in Dubai to apply for coworking space?

No, it’s not necessary to be in Dubai to apply for your coworking space in Dtec.  However, once the initial application has been approved and you have paid the fees all partners will have to visit Dtec to sign the legal documents.

Does Dtec offer funding for startups?

Dtec has an investment division called Dtec Ventures which provides funding for early-stage, revenue-generating startups that have the potential to disrupt or enable traditional industries. To know more, visit the Dtec Ventures section here

Does Dtec offer Incubation programs?

We are currently working on some new support programs for startups which will be coming soon.

Aside from coworking space, do you offer programs for startups who need support in growing and accelerating their business?

Yes, we offer a number of programs and incentives for startups.  Our Emirati Development Program aims to support Emirati Nationals who are interested in an entrepreneurial career and we offer special packages for students interested in setting up a company while studying.

We also offer soft-landing for companies or individuals looking to expand to the UAE and will have several new programs coming soon.

Can I just work in Dtec for a day or week?

Yes, Dtec is now available as a coworking only space where you can work for a day, week or even up to 3 months without the need to set up a company with us.  Please contact our team for more details.

Does Dtec take ownership or shares in my company?

No, if you set up your company in the Dtec coworking space you will have 100% ownership of your business.

Do you offer any events, workshops or trainings?

Yes, we run a regular program of events, workshops and trainings.  To find out what’s coming up click here