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Business ideas in Dubai for women (2023 guide)

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Things are changing fast in the UAE. In the past few years, the government has introduced a string of incentives and legislation to encourage women into the workforce, including generous maternity packages, residency extensions and low business setup costs. Today’s female business owners also benefit from zero income tax and capital gains, 100% foreign ownership and full repatriation of profits.

If you’re a female entrepreneur who would like to set up a business in Dubai, now is the time to do it. In this article, we will explore a range of business ideas in Dubai for women. We will discuss:

  • Business ideas in Dubai for women with low investment
  • Social media consultant
  • Fashion photographer
  • Real estate agent
  • Online course creation
  • Wedding consultant
  • Interior design specialist
  • Business ideas in Dubai for women with an average investment
  • Recruitment agency
  • Event management company
  • Beauty salon
  • Daycare
  • Pest control lead generation agency
  • What is Dtec?

Business ideas in Dubai for women with low investment

Dubai’s reputation for ‘ease of doing business’ is renowned. It boasts one of the most welcoming environments for female entrepreneurs in the world, with numerous incentives, support schemes and incubators to help startups thrive. Unlike many regions, you don’t need a significant amount of capital to set up a profitable business either. Here are a few business ideas for women in Dubai that require a low upfront investment.

Social media consultant

Recent research indicates that the UAE spent USD 7.5bn on digital advertising in 2021. If you have a strong understanding of social media, advertising platforms and technologies, you could be tapping into enormous growth opportunities.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s best-known brands, influences and celebrities, many of whom require social media guidance and support. All you need to launch your business is a laptop with a good internet connection, a trade license and the skills to grow a network of clients.

Fashion photographer

If you are looking to combine creative flair with an entrepreneurial mindset, fashion photography could be an excellent option. Dubai has quickly established itself as a fashion capital, enhanced by the 21.5 million square foot Dubai Design District. Over the past few years, Dubai has hosted large-scale events in the fashion and retail industry, becoming a major hub for some of the world’s largest brands.

With the rise of e-commerce and digital marketing in the UAE, the opportunities for fashion photographers are accelerating. As a fashion photographer, you won’t need to pay any hefty overheads, and you don’t even need your own studio. The only items you will need to start your business are photography equipment, a computer with an internet connection and a few clients.

Real estate agent

Dubai boasts a thriving real estate market encompassing ground-breaking skyscrapers and world-class infrastructure. The emirate’s real estate market generates higher returns compared with other regions around the world, with annual yields of 5%. Regulations are transparent, the open market is highly competitive, and there are high potential capital gains and rental yields to be made.

You don’t need a large upfront sum to become a real estate agent in Dubai, but you will need to complete certified training for real estate professionals. This typically takes four days and culminates in the RERA exam.

Online course creation

Demand for online education has skyrocketed in the past few years, with an annual growth rate of 9% in Dubai. If you have experience with training or in-depth knowledge of a subject, you could create a profitable business in the online education sector. All you need is a strong internet connection to connect with thousands of students from across the world.

You can also get to enjoy low overheads thanks to a virtual-only set-up, a convenient time zone to widen your pool of students and one of the region’s largest markets for online training

Wedding consultant

Dubai is a popular wedding destination for couples from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, thanks to its breathtaking scenery, glistening coastline and beautiful buildings. The wedding market in the Middle East is currently valued at AED 330bn.

You don’t need any formal qualifications, and business setup costs are low, though any previous experience as a wedding planner might make it easier to win clients and build trust.

Interior design specialist

Interior design is an integral part of Dubai’s construction industry. From hotels and retail spaces to offices and residential apartments, there is a growing demand for experts with the skills to enhance the aesthetics of the interiors of a building. Dubai offers a whole string of advantages for entrepreneurs specialising in interior design, including:

  • Fast-growing construction industry that fuels demand
  • Easy access to suppliers and contractors
  • Wide scope of design opportunities due to a multicultural client base
  • Easy office setup and license applications

Business ideas in Dubai for women with an average investment

If you already have a good amount of capital available and would like to put this towards a new business in Dubai, you can expect higher returns from the get-go. Here are a few business opportunities available for women in Dubai with an average investment.

Recruitment agency

Dubai is home to a huge number of businesses, with hundreds opening their doors every year. These businesses are looking for the best talent and will be prepared to outsource their search to find the right candidates, which means a steady stream of business for your recruitment agency.

To open up a recruitment agency in Dubai, you will need to decide whether to register as a brokerage agency or a temporary recruitment agency. You don’t need any formal qualifications to open up a recruitment agency in Dubai, though previous experience will help you get your foot in the door.

​​Event management company

The UAE is fast becoming one of the world’s event capitals. The Dubai World Trade Centre events and exhibitions alone are estimated to contribute a staggering USD 3.3bn to the economy.

Beauty salon

Salons are a profitable business in Dubai. Higher disposable incomes and higher living standards mean residents and long-term visitors are willing to spend more on grooming, and demand for beauty salons is high.

For the most successful business setup, you will need to find an appropriate location for your salon. Ideally, this should be in a high-footfall area to maximise business opportunities.


As the UAE continues to encourage more women into the workforce, childcare businesses are booming. It’s a highly regulated industry, but provided you have the right qualifications and skills, opening a daycare centre can offer significant returns.

Once you have obtained your license, you will need to secure a space for your daycare centre, purchase equipment such as cots and cribs and recruit staff to support you in the day-to-day running of your business.

Pest control lead generation

A pest control lead generation agency is a good business for women in Dubai due to the growing demand, flexibility, low startup costs, and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem. With Dubai’s increasing population and construction projects, the demand for pest control services is high. Women can manage their own schedules and work from home, balancing personal and professional responsibilities.

What is Dtec?

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