How to start a small profitable business in Dubai
August 23, 2022

Computer repair and trading licence Dubai: Costs and requirements

Most modern businesses rely on computers, but few have the in-house expertise and experience to fix them when they go wrong. This makes computer repair and trading services an excellent option for those looking to set up an online business in Dubai without investment. Even without the latest technical know-how and expertise, it’s easier than ever to sharpen your skills with an affordable course available on Udemy. In this article, we will dive deeper into the advantages and process of setting up a computer repair and trading business, and explore the following topics:

  • Benefits of starting a computer trading and repair business in Dubai, UAE
  • Steps to obtain a computer trading licence in Dubai
  • How to market your computer trading business
  • Cost of starting a computer trading business
  • What is Dtec?

Benefits of starting a computer trading and repair business in Dubai, UAE

Setting up a computer trading and repair company is a lucrative business opportunity anywhere in the world, but particularly so in the UAE. Close to ten million people in the region use the internet, accounting for over 93% of the population. As well as a large target market, starting a computer trading and repair business offers a number of benefits, such as: 

Minimal startup costs

As an IT expert, you will likely already have much of the equipment and training required to hit the ground running.

Fast-growing demand

Dubai is home to one of the largest startup and SME scenes in the world. These smaller-sized businesses are unlikely to have a dedicated IT department and will rely on contracts with external providers.

Flexible business model

You can choose to take on as much or as little work as you like. You could even work by appointment only, or maintain part-time work to sustain yourself as the company grows. As you build a reputation for yourself, you may be able to transform the company into a full-time business too.

Regular work

One of the inherent benefits of setting up a computer repair service business is that you solve people’s problems. It’s easy for customers to identify the work you have done, and those happy customers are more likely to return, again and again.

Steps to obtain a computer trading licence in Dubai

Like any other industry, you’ll need to obtain a computer trading licence in Dubai to operate your business legally. With help from Dtec, getting hold of this is more straightforward than you might think. To help give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve broken down the process into three simple steps.

Step 1: Name your business

Firstly, you’ll need to choose and submit your company name to the authorities. Remember, the company name must comply with the UAE’s strict naming conventions. That means you must select a full name that is available to register and cannot be interpreted as offensive or blasphemous. Abbreviations are not permitted.

Step 2: Submit the documents

Next, you will need to supply relevant documentation to the authorities, including:

  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID copy (if applicable)
  • An application form

It’s important to ensure that you have submitted the correct documents to avoid any unnecessary holdups. When you work with Dtec, we can manage the entire process for you to ensure it is as smooth and painless as possible.

Step 3: Apply for your visa

All business owners operating in the UAE require a visa. You will need to submit your visa application along with relevant documents to the relevant authorities. If you plan to operate in a free zone, you can submit this to your company formation service.

You will also need to undergo a medical test, fitness exam and biometric capturing to receive your visa.

How to market your computer trading business

While you might be able to acquire your first few clients through word of mouth and personal recommendations, most computer trading business owners quickly realise that they need a marketing strategy.

This marketing strategy should encompass both traditional and digital marketing. For instance, Dtec – and Dubai more widely – is well set up for networking. Thousands of networking events take place every year, from seminars to trade shows. It’s worth setting aside some budget to ensure you’re maximising these opportunities. Other tried-and-tested strategies include:

Website optimisation

You should think of your website as your shop window. It tells potential customers what your business does, how it can help and who your brand is. You could include testimonies to boost credibility, blog posts to position your business as a thought leader and promotional widgets, too.


It’s worth keeping in mind that more than 97% of people learn about local business online. Optimising your online presence, so that potential customers can easily find you, is essential. An SEO strategy can ensure you’re using the right keywords on your website.

Email marketing

Emails have the power to deliver your message (and services) right to the inbox of your customers and are proven to drive conversions. That means more leads, more website traffic and more potential sales for your business.

Social media

Social media gives business owners the chance to reach a vast number of people within seconds of posting an ad. It’s also an effective way to reach new audiences and potential clients. Investing time and a small budget will quickly reap rewards.

Cost of starting a computer trading business

The cost of starting a computer trading business can vary significantly depending on a range of factors, such as business activities, the intended size of your business and the location. Free zones usually offer the most affordable route, though prices can differ here too.

Dtec offers a wide range of affordable packages, tailored to suit your specific needs. The flexi desk package, which includes a service licence, workspace in a common area and eligibility for two visas starts at just AED 18,000 per year.

For those who require fixed desks and at least three visas, Dtec also offers a licence for AED 24,200. Or, for those looking for furnished private offices, Dtec offers a package that includes two visas for AED 47,820 per year.

What is Dtec?

Setting up in Dubai might seem like a daunting process, but Dtec can help make it seamless and pain-free. As the largest technology innovation campus in the MENA region, we have fast become a leading hub for cutting-edge startups and entrepreneurs.

Initiated by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, we offer a wide range of resources and services to help entrepreneurs set up a business in Dubai. Our customers enjoy a wide range of benefits too, including 100% business ownership, visa processing, flexible coworking and office space rental, and a number of creative meeting and event spaces.

Dtec also offers access to accelerator programs, funding and networking events.

To find out more about what Dtec can offer you, contact us today.