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October 12, 2022

Flexi Desk Dubai, UAE: 2023 Cost and Benefits

flexi desk dubai, UAE

Dubai is home to some of the world’s biggest businesses, across vast industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, and travel. But every big business has to start somewhere. And the emirate is just as welcoming to solopreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs.

To nurture these smaller businesses, many Dubai free zones offer packages with low overheads, minimal upfront investment, and ad hoc use of business facilities. These packages are known as flexi desks.

While all free zones offer a range of benefits, not all offer the same flexi desk package, so it pays to shop around before making any commitment. When conducting this initial research, it’s a good idea to approach a free zone or company setup agent to discuss your requirements and talk through a few options.

Below is a brief overview of common flexi desk packages and their benefits to help you get started in your search.

Why do business in a free zone?

To take advantage of a flexi desk package, you’ll need to incorporate your business in a free zone. But this flexible license type is far from the only benefit of doing business here.

When you set up in a free zone, you can benefit from a wide range of allowances such as 100% customs tax exemption and zero currency restrictions. You are also permitted to repatriate all capital and profits.

Free zones issue a range of licenses, including commercial, industrial, and professional.

Many free zones, such as Dtec, are tailored to certain industries, so you can also benefit from sector-specific support and expertise.

What are the benefits of a flexi desk package?

Flexi desks are a popular option for entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to keep initial overheads low.

When you sign up to a flexi desk package with Dtec, you’ll get access to our coworking space in Dubai, along with a host of other great benefits.

Our package includes full company setup along with the use of our workspace. You can set up in any of our shared areas. Simply bring your laptop, grab a free desk, and get to work.

The flexi desk package gives the option of up to two residency visas per flexi desk and numerous on-site business facilities. These include high-speed Wi-Fi, free tea, coffee and water, 24-hour site access, secure lockers, and ample parking.

On top of this, you have the option to book meeting and conference spaces, as well as having access to professional advice and networking events.

Included amenities at Dtec

When you take on a flexi desk at Dtec, you’ll get access to workspace in any of our common areas, along with your trade license and visa.

Benefits include:

  • Two visas per desk
  • Easy free zone business setup
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Ample parking
  • Free tea, coffee & water
  • 24/7 key card access
  • Access to services including printing, bookable meeting spaces, securable lockers, professional advice & events

Understanding flexi desk Dubai costs

Many first-time entrepreneurs set out on a hunt to find the cheapest flexi desk in Dubai. However, price is only one factor. You must also consider the standard of amenities and the types of benefits you’ll receive as part of your flexi desk package.

That said, it is possible to find great deals on high-quality flexi desk packages. Dtec offers its inexpensive flexi desk package in Dubai, with access to office facilities, coworking space, a trade license, and visas for just AED 50 per day.

How to start your business with a flexi desk package

The first step is to find a free zone that fits your requirements. If you’re a tech entrepreneur or startup, that free zone is Dtec. When you establish your business here, we’ll guide you through every step of the process.

First, we’ll help you outline your business activities. You must be specific as to the type of business you intend to run.  Making this clear up front will make the rest of the process much more straightforward.

Next, our dedicated team can help you choose your company name. At this stage, you’ll need to abide by a few naming conventions. These include:

  • Only full names allowed, no abbreviations.
  • Cannot include any potentially offensive or blasphemous words.
  • Must be available to register.

Finally, with these decisions made, we’ll process your trade license and flexi desk application. We can manage this process for you from beginning to end, ensuring that your application is complete and correct to prevent delays.

As part of this process, you will usually need to provide some basic documentation, including:

  • Copy of Passport, Visa Page and Emirates ID (if applicable)
  • Copy of Trade License (for the applicant and all Shareholders)
  • Business Plan Summary
  • Attested Birth Certificate

Start your business at Dtec

If you’re looking for a license package that will grow with your business, there’s no better base than Dtec.

Get started with us, and we’ll handle every step of the process for you – helping to outline activities, registering your company name, applying for your license and visas, and supporting you once you’re up and running.

For technology startups and entrepreneurs looking for flexible coworking or office space in Dubai, Dtec offers a nurturing, supportive community from which to set up your new business. Our 10,000 sqm facility is home to an integrated ecosystem for hundreds of startups, SMEs and technology entrepreneurs from around the world.

So, have you got a great idea you want to see realised? Everything you need can be found here. Our coworking space encourages collaboration. Our accelerator programs and funding arm give a young business set up in the UAE a head start. Our networking events ensure you get your name out there and stay on top of industry trends.

We take care of everything, leaving you to take care of running and expanding your business.