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Start a healthcare consultancy in Dubai [2023 Guide]

Brief background of the healthcare industry in Dubai

Dubai, a city renowned for its futuristic skyline and luxurious lifestyle, is also known for its advanced healthcare system. As part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has placed significant emphasis on the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.

This has led to the city becoming a key hub in the Middle East for medical tourism, attracting patients from across the globe due to its well-equipped facilities, highly trained medical professionals, and diverse range of services.

Benefits of a health planning consultancy

In the midst of this growth, the role of health planning consultancies has become increasingly significant. Such consultancies bridge the gap between healthcare facilities and the latest medical standards and practices.

They provide crucial support in planning new health facilities, procuring medical equipment, staffing, and ensuring the design layout is conducive to the delivery of top-tier medical services. Furthermore, they play an integral part in improving service levels through the implementation of health quality assurance programmes.

Key functions of a health planning consultancy

A health planning consultancy is a specialised entity licensed by health authorities to provide consultation and feasibility studies for health facilities. These may be facilities that are already licensed or are in the process of obtaining a license. The primary function of a health planning consultancy is to provide expertise and guidance in setting up or upgrading healthcare facilities.

The key services these consultancies provide include determining the requirements of medical equipment and supplies, assessing technical staff and their qualifications, and providing suggestions on health facility engineering layout.

The consultancies also aid the implementation of a health quality assurance programme to ensure services are offered according to the highest international medical standards.

Specific services a health planning consultancy provides.

When it comes to specific services, a health planning consultancy’s role can be very diverse, depending on the needs of the client. Services typically include:

  1. Consultation and feasibility studies: Helping to determine the viability and potential success of a health facility, taking into account the region’s demographics, existing healthcare providers, and prospective market conditions.
  2. Planning of medical equipment and supplies: Determining the types of medical equipment and supplies needed, factoring in the facility’s intended services, budget, and the latest technological trends.
  3. Staffing guidance: Providing advice on the technical staff required for operations, their qualifications, and necessary training programmes.
  4. Engineering layout advice: Offering recommendations on the facility layout to ensure it is optimised for patient care, staff efficiency, and compliance with healthcare regulations.
  5. Health quality assurance programme: Creating and implementing programmes to ensure healthcare services adhere to international medical standards, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Importance of health planning consultancy for health facilities in Dubai

The role of a health planning consultancy is pivotal in the healthcare sector, particularly in a dynamic and competitive landscape like Dubai. By providing expert advice and strategies, these consultancies help healthcare facilities stand out in a crowded marketplace, maintain high standards of patient care, and stay up to date with medical advancements.

Additionally, they ensure that healthcare providers can easily navigate the regulatory landscape and meet all the criteria required for licensing and operation. This level of professional support is invaluable for both existing and aspiring healthcare facilities.

Market research and understanding the local healthcare industry

Before starting a Health Planning Consultancy, it’s crucial to conduct thorough market research. Understanding the local healthcare industry, including its current state, recent trends and future projections is vital for your consultancy’s success.

Analysing your potential competition is also essential. Look at what services they offer, their pricing models, and their strengths and weaknesses. Market research will enable you to identify gaps in the market that your consultancy can fill and provide valuable insights to inform your business strategy.

Acquiring the necessary qualifications and skills

A health planning consultancy requires a certain level of expertise and qualifications. This includes knowledge of medical equipment, human resources, healthcare regulations, and quality assurance standards, among other areas.

Acquiring these qualifications may involve further studies, professional courses, or certifications. Moreover, developing skills such as project management, communication, and strategic planning can be advantageous for a consultant in this field. Remember, your credibility as a consultant depends heavily on your qualifications and skills.

Legal considerations and licensing process

Before starting a health planning consultancy in Dubai, it’s important to be aware of the health facility licensing process. It is crucial to familiarise yourself with these procedures to provide the best advice to your clients and ensure they meet all necessary regulations.

Necessary legal requirements for starting a health planning consultancy

To establish a health planning consultancy, several legal requirements must be met. First, you need to obtain your business license. Our team can help you with this. Contact us today for more information.

Establishing and running your health planning consultancy

Your consultancy should be set up to reflect the services you offer. Creating an efficient health facility engineering layout for your office will maximise productivity and serve as a model for potential clients. Ensure your workspace is comfortable, equipped with the necessary technology, and conducive to collaborative planning and discussions.

Sourcing and managing medical equipment and supplies

While your consultancy might not directly deal with medical equipment and supplies, having knowledge of the sector and contacts in sourcing and managing resources is vital. By partnering with reliable suppliers and staying informed about the latest medical equipment and technologies, you can provide valuable advice to your clients.

Hiring and managing technical staff

The success of your health planning consultancy largely depends on the competence of your team. Hiring the right mix of professionals with relevant experience and expertise in health planning, quality assurance, and healthcare regulations is crucial.

Consider roles such as health consultants, quality assurance specialists and healthcare project managers. Also, invest time in managing your staff effectively, fostering a positive work culture, and providing regular training and development opportunities.

Setting up a health quality assurance programme

Setting up a health quality assurance program within your consultancy will allow you to ensure that your services meet the highest standards. This programme should include regular evaluations of your services, feedback mechanisms, and continuous improvements. As a consultancy advising others on quality assurance, it’s essential to demonstrate these practices within your organisation.


Launching a Health Planning Consultancy in Dubai is a viable and promising venture considering the city’s booming healthcare sector. It involves several key steps, including understanding the role of such a consultancy, conducting thorough market research, identifying your niche, formulating a robust business plan, and gaining the necessary qualifications and skills. You also need to be well-versed in Dubai’s legalities and licensing processes.

For those who are passionate about improving the standards of healthcare facilities and have the required expertise, starting a health planning consultancy can be a fulfilling and rewarding endeavour. It’s an opportunity to contribute to Dubai’s healthcare sector and make a difference in the lives of healthcare providers and patients.

The journey may be challenging, but with determination, professionalism and commitment to quality, success is within reach.