Intelak Aviation & Travel Incubator

Aviation and travel are two of the biggest drivers of the UAE economy, contributing to the making the Middle East one of the fastest growing regions in passenger traffic. With the country’s aim to ensure the highest global standards for services, systems, and experiences in aviation, the idea of a hub to strengthen promising technology ideas and redefine the travel experience has led to the creation Intelak.

Launched in September 2016, Intelak (which means “taking off” in Arabic) is the UAE’s first ever aviation-oriented incubator for entrepreneurs and innovators wanting to disrupt the travel sector.

It is founded by three global organizations: the Emirates Group, General Electric and Etisalat Digital. At the heart of the programme is Dtec, serving as a centre for collaboration, ideation, and the growth of new technologies. The environment and network provided by Dtec serves to support the ecosystems in a way that extends far beyond physical space.

Together, these organizations work towards the goal of ensuring an integrated and inclusive programme , to explore what tomorrow can hold for UAE’s travel and aviation sector.


The programme aims to nurture ideas that will re-imagine and innovate any of the 12 pre-defined travel moments (from home to airport to the skies).

Teams of up to 5 members can submit their idea, which if selected, will gain them exclusive access to a 4-day pre-incubation bootcamp. In the bootcamp, they will work with mentors to validate their idea, build their pitch deck. and present to the management of the Intelak’s Co-founders. Teams winning a place in the Intelak’s intensive 3-month program will receive 50,000 Emirati dirhams (US$13,600) each to develop their ideas. The program culminates with a Demo Day -- an opportunity to pitch their startups to industry experts, investors and VCs.

The programme looks for ideas that will reimagine travel moments from home to airport to the skies:

  • Inspiration
  • Select and Buy
  • Anticipation
  • Luggage Drop and Pick Up
  • Welcome
  • In the Air
  • Boarding and Reception
  • In the Airport
  • Landing and Handover
  • Travel to Destination
  • Destination
  • Staying Connected

Achievements and current status

From its commencement in 2016, Intelak has completed two cohorts -- the first cohort graduated in May 2017 and the second in December 2017. They have also held the Intelak Idea Lab, a shorter four-week training programme focused on young Emirati entrepreneurs.

They are now accepting applications for their third cohort.

If you have an innovative idea that makes travel for you and others simpler, better, or more exciting, Intelak invites you to submit your ideas to intelak