About Dtec Talent

Dtec Talent is an initiative to support startup recruitment and facilitate the application process for job seekers using bias-free interactive online applications and smart technologies.

For professionals who are interested to join dynamic teams within the Dtec community of companies, you can apply using our special application process that is fast and fun. With our gamified application process, you will be able to showcase who you are and what you can do, not just the experience on your CV. Apply once and become available to all Dtec companies and matching vacancies. Track multiple application stages and message the companies with questions.

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Dtec Talent for Employers

Dtec Talent provides end-to-end recruitment solutions to Dtec member companies in order for them to have a better chance at hiring the right talent, faster.

Hiring is a major concern for any organization, but it is especially difficult for startups and SMEs.

Traditional job boards and hiring solutions have decreasing effectiveness in the current job market, where high quality in talent is in short supply and high demand.

Therefore, we provide the following tools to enable Dtec companies to have a superior competitive advantage in the talent market:

  • Customizable Careers Site
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Automations
  • Interactive Online Assessments
  • Interview Chatbot
  • Instant Messaging
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Shared Talent Pool

The shared talent pool provides private access to Dtec candidates and they are available to contact and interview immediately from within the platform. You may also browse personality and skill insights gathered about the candidates including their past performance on the platform and availability/responsiveness level.

The automations and screening are powered by HireHunt’s AI technologies.

If you are a Dtec member company interested in this service, please send an email to talent@dtec.com.


What is Dtec Talent?

Dtec Talent consists of recruitment technologies provided to Dtec companies that can give them a strong advantage to attract and identify the strongest caliber candidates to hire. Also, it includes a jobs portal from which applicants can apply to Dtec vacancies and become available to all member companies for interviews without needing to apply again.

Can anyone use this service?

Only Dtec member companies have access to this service to post job vacancies. However, any job-seeker can apply to the vacancies and create an applicant user account to track their applications and interact with employers.

What technologies are used that differentiate this from any job board?

Dtec Talent is powered by HireHunt technologies which uses machine learning, gamification, chatbots and process automation to streamline the hiring process without bias.

I’m a Dtec member. How can I sign up?

Please send an email to admin@hirehunt.com to receive instructions on how to access your account.