About Dtec Ventures

Dtec Ventures is the Venture Capital fund of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and part of Dtec. We invest in early-stage technology companies in the MENA region with a nucleus to Dubai, that are disrupting or enabling traditional industries. We’re passionate about the Dubai startup ecosystem and helping the next generation of Entrepreneurs to succeed.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute in making Dubai the largest tech hub and the leading destination for entrepreneurs in the Middle East by investing in talented, passionate and ambitious technology founders and teams to build companies of impact, utility and value to the region.

Sector & Stage focus

Who we invest in ?

We invest in early-stage ventures across multiple sectors, including:

Consumer Internet

Enterprise Services

Digital Media

Cloud Computing


Travel & Leisure



Geographic focus

Where we invest ?

Our investment mandate focuses on startups that will positively contribute to the UAE economy. UAE is MENA's premiere tech hot spot, attracting the highest levels of venture capital investments in the region. We focus on tech startups that already based in Dubai or in the stage of expanding to Dubai. We truly believe that Dubai is the best place for entrepreneurs and startups to find and seize opportunities across the region.

Investment approach

How we invest ?

We like working with co-investors that add value and are open to both leading and following other investors. We invest between $100,000 to $500,000 at the early-stage and support portfolio companies with follow-on funding.

Investment criteria

What we look for in an investment ?

The main criteria we look for in a prospective investment are:

  • A strong, passionate and committed team with the ability to execute and has real tenacity
  • An innovative and disruptive business idea or technology
  • A significant market opportunity, either a big market or a niche you can own
  • Post-seed stage (i.e. already launched): Proven product/market fit and some traction
  • Strong defensibility

If a few of these criteria do not apply, we can provide the guidance and possibly the capital to get you there.

Our value add

What we offer ?

In addition to providing capital, we are committed to accelerate the development of our portfolio companies.


We leverage our extensive network throughout the MENA comprised of experienced founders, co-investors and specific industry experts to help you gain visibility, build strategic partnerships, and achieve your full potential.


The team has extensive operational and investing experience in the MENA region.


We believe that every investment has a different winning formula. Therefore, we are flexible on equity ownership percentage, investment check size, and board seats.

Long term

As a Government-backed entity, we have a long-term investment horizon and want to take an active role in designing the future.

Dtec Ecosystem

Portfolio companies benefit from having access to the entire Dtec ecosystem. This includes business development partnership opportunities with Corporate Partners of Dtec or the participation in events & workshops organized by Dtec.

If you think your startup is a fit with Dtec Ventures, contact us!