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Entrepreneurs should make the most of Expo 2020 – here is why

expo 2020

There is a long list of benefits to hosting a World Expo. It is a massive event that brings worldwide attention to a specific country or region, fosters job growth and tourism, and inspires important and timely conversations. Additionally, it is a rich platform for tech startups that are looking to launch or grow their business.

At a World Expo, entrepreneurs have easy and immediate access to a vast audience of like-minded investors and peers that can provide both the funds and the inspiration required to drive their business forward. In other words, it is the ideal launching pad.

For UAE-based entrepreneurs, the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai offers an opportunity to leverage this audience and take the next step forward for their business. Here is how.

Why Expo 2020 Dubai?

The World Expo is an event that is steeped in history. In its 170 years, it has represented the starting point for many important technological innovations. The first live television broadcast was made at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and, in 1970, the Japan World Exposition offered a first glimpse into mobile phone technology. Throughout the decades, the World Expo has also made valuable contributions in food and architectural innovation, leaving the world with lasting structures such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seattle Space Needle.

This rich history – paired with current global priorities – has shaped the themes of Expo 2020 Dubai. With sustainability, mobility, and opportunity at the core of all activities, there is a clear focus on the future and how businesses, governments, and individuals can come together to shape it. It is no surprise that the event organizers expect a total of 25 million people to visit Expo 2020 over its six-month run – coming from all over the world to explore new opportunities, cultivate new ideas, and invest in potential successes. All of these elements make Expo 2020 the ideal place for you and your team to showcase and develop your ideas.

How UAE entrepreneurs can benefit

While the core themes of this year’s Expo are guiding important and relevant conversations, there are several other – more tangible – benefits entrepreneurs can capitalize on.

Access to potential investors

Since Dubai was formally named the host of Expo 2020, the emirate has done a stellar job of marketing the event as a must-visit attraction for business networking. With an overarching focus on connectivity and collaboration, the hosts have framed the event as the ideal place for businesses to identify new partners, new ideas, and new opportunities. As a result, businesses from around the world are flying to Dubai, creating an international pool of potential investors that you can tap into.

Businesses don’t have to do it alone, either. The Expo 2020 Dubai hosts have been very intentional in creating spaces where entrepreneurs and investors can meet. For instance, at The Good Place Pavilion by Expo Live, visitors are invited to explore and participate in a Community of Innovators that’s crafting new ideas and projects. This place could be ideal for engaging others in meaningful conversations and (re)shaping your own ideas.

Increased networking

Another way that Expo 2020 is supporting local entrepreneurs is by creating multiple networking opportunities. The 2020 Club is a nine-floor hospitality tower designed specifically for that. With multiple premium lounges, event spaces, and a rooftop bar, the building sets the ambiance that facilitates the right conversations.

The hosts even created a B2B networking app, where visitors can link up with other business representatives at the event, in person or by video call. Designed with connectivity in mind, the app offers personalized recommendations for who you should be talking to, ensuring that your networking is as efficient as possible.

Using these networking tools and opportunities, you can capitalize on the interest from both global and local businesses that want to leverage Expo 2020 as a source for new projects and partnerships and have meaningful conversations that elevate interest in your offering.

A focus on international trade

This year, there are 192 countries participating at the World Expo. Each country has its own pavilion, and these spaces offer a unique opportunity to experience and understand other cultures. For example, your easy-to-use ecommerce solution could be just what’s needed for Brazil’s large, sprawling population. Or there may be a market gap in Indonesia that your product slots into perfectly. These insights could be crucial in helping you identify new markets and use cases for your product and hone any decisions you make around global expansion.

An ongoing shift in the UAE landscape

In the lead-up to Expo 2020 Dubai, there has been a renewed focus on small- to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs building projects in the UAE. The added boost of the World Expo is posed to enhance this ecosystem, growing interest in the region, attracting global connections and creating new avenues for success for our tech startups. In fact, it is expected that the event will generate revenue of up to US$35 million, as well as foreign investments of up to US$150 billion.

By attending Expo 2020 Dubai, you can kickstart your company’s access to this growth-oriented environment, engaging with people who are ready and willing to further support UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The time is now

To our entrepreneurial readers: now is your chance. Expo 2020 Dubai is running until March 2022, so you have the time to gather your ideas and projections, identify your ideal partners, and engage with them at the event.

If you need any advice on how to make the most of the World Expo and the people who are visiting it, get in touch. We are always eager to support entrepreneurs shaping the technologies of tomorrow.