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SANDBOX Dubai: Everything You Need to Know


Scaling your new tech start-up is not a cakewalk. Numerous questions pop up in your head, from pitching the investors to managing your social campaigns. But you can now keep all your worries at bay, because the SANDBOX Dubai program has got your back.

What has it got in store for you as a founder? Read on to know what to expect from the program and how it is different and unique.

SANDBOX Dubai: What is it?

SANDBOX Dubai is a 12-month startup program helping budding technology entrepreneurs scale their startups to great heights. Its main focus is you – the founder.

This program is hosted by Dtec and helps you with all the needs of an early-stage startup. Whether it’s a cool co-working space or legal support, SANDBOX has got it all covered.

This one-year intensive program will make you a confident founder. Plus, it will equip your tech business with all it needs to flourish in the UAE.

Benefits of the SANDBOX Program

There are so many benefits of the SANDBOX program. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • You get personalised training sessions from expert professionals in the industry
  • Intensive practical workshops to apply the skills you have learnt
  • Get to know and interact with the VCs and angel investors in the MENA region
  • Get access to an amazing co-working space for your team
  • Personalised legal consultations based on the nature of your business
  • Interact with a community of super talented and like-minded founders
  • Financial consultations to position your business for funding
  • Get to know the tried and tested ways to pitch investors
  • Free yourself from exorbitant business costs
  • Listen to experienced speakers who have already aced the game
  • Get much-needed exposure at all local startup events

What’s different about SANDBOX?

You will come across several startup accelerator programs in Dubai. However, SANDBOX Dubai stands out because it focuses on you, the founder. The entire program is designed to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to scale your business.

Practical Training Experience

What is the use of theoretical knowledge if you can’t apply it to grow your startup? SANDBOX provides you with hands-on training and practical support.

The experts not only give you advice; they also help you execute your learnings to grow your business. Moreover, you get to measure your growth by KPIs.

Thus, SANDBOX doesn’t train you in some abstract theories and concepts. Rather, you achieve tangible and real outcomes for your business.

Real Office Space 

Most startup incubator programs in Dubai are virtual, providing you with online training and give consultations to scale your business. But how about getting a world-class office space for all your meetings and discussions?

Having an office space makes the hours of brainstorming with your team members a lot easier. Don’t worry: SANDBOX has got your back there too. You will get access to an amazing coworking space to accommodate up to four team members.

Now you can hold all the important meetings and work on those plans without worrying about connectivity issues.

Focus on Mental Wellness

SANDBOX can proudly claim to be the first startup program in the region that focuses on mental health. Being a startup founder is not easy: it comes with tonnes of responsibilities. Stress and anxiety can easily become a part of your daily life.

But your mental health can directly impact your performance at work, and you do not want your business to suffer. The SANDBOX program prioritises your mental health to ensure you give your best at work.

The SANDBOX program is the result of years of effort. After interacting with experienced founders and VCs, Dtec has identified the gaps in the industry. Thus, SANDBOX addresses all the problems of early-age startups.

SANDBOX Program Structure 

The SANDBOX program consists of six pillars to skyrocket your startup’s growth.

  1. Product Development: There are so many tech startups all around, so how do you make your product stand out? You need to make it scalable. The SANDBOX program helps you achieve that. The workshops will teach you the basics about the architecture of scalable solutions. Moreover, you will get to know the latest trends in UI/UX to offer a smooth experience to your customers. Apart from that, you will receive all the necessary support on AI and Machine Learning.
  2. Traction: Your startup needs traffic to drive growth. SANDBOX will assist you with the best SEO practices to drive organic traffic to your website. Moreover, it will help you become a known brand on social media. You will get help with both inbound and outbound strategies. What is more, they will assist in building a proper sales funnel so that your leads never run dry.
  3. Scaling: SANDBOX equips you with effective storytelling techniques so you can make a winning pitch to the VCs. But getting funds is not enough. You need customers too. Fortunately, you will learn all the tricks of virality through interactive and result-oriented workshops.
  4. Financial Diagnostics: You will go through hours of extensive workshops tailored to the financial needs of your business. Ths will help you raise funds and manage them to best serve your business needs.
  5. Legal Support: You might be overwhelmed with all those confusing legal terms. But you can’t ignore them. SANDBOX offers you legal workshops and 1:1 consultations with seasoned startup lawyers. Learn how to protect your intellectual property, how to set up your holding company, and stay prepared for legal obligations.
  6. Mental Wellness: Ignoring your mental health will affect the productivity of the entire team. SANDBOX organises sessions to manage anxiety and develop healthy habits. You also learn the tricks of maintaining a perfect work-life balance. A healthy and happy team is the key to a startup’s growth, so don’t compromise with it.

About Dtec

Dtec is your one-stop solution if you want to start a tech company in Dubai. It is the largest tech co-working space in the Middle East, with everything else you need to take your startup to great heights. Whether it’s about forming a startup, registering it in a free zone, or navigating the legal and financial puzzles, Dtec is the companion you need.