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May 19, 2022

Dubai’s drive to autonomous vehicles can revolutionise the city

For many years, self-driving cars have been the stuff of science fiction books and movies. But we are now closer than ever to seeing autonomous vehicles
April 25, 2022
saas business in dubai

SaaS Company Licence Dubai: 2022 Guide

Dubai is an excellent place to base a software as a service (SaaS) business as the emirate has a highly developed tech and physical infrastructure, as
April 22, 2022
Online business ideas in Dubai, UAE

Five Online Business Ideas in Dubai, UAE

The UAE has an online shopping addiction. Home to the most developed market in the Middle East and the largest of all GCC countries, online sales
March 31, 2022
online workout revolution

What opportunities does the online workout revolution present to entrepreneurs?

The growth in the online fitness business shows no sign of slowing in the post-pandemic world, which means there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to
March 28, 2022
fixed desk dubai

Fixed Desk Dubai: Everything you need to know

Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec) is ideal for startups and entrepreneurs looking for a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. Dtec is located in the heart
March 25, 2022
start an app business

Start an app development business in Dubai: Costs & Requirements

Apps have become ubiquitous in recent years and there are now apps for almost anything you can think of, from sleep aids to games to navigation
March 10, 2022
Mobile payments

Mobile payments set for growth as UAE moves towards cashless society

The number of payments made through a mobile device in the UAE has been increasing significantly in the past two years. It is also set to
February 22, 2022
Data entry company in Dubai

Data Entry Business License Dubai: 2022 Guide

The demand for data entry services is on the rise. It is the right time to set up a data entry business in Dubai. However, you
February 21, 2022
Tech is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

How Tech is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

If there is one industry that is guaranteed to grow year-on-year for the foreseeable future, which the world depends on, and is hungry to embrace new
February 2, 2022
minimum viable product

How to build a successful minimum viable product

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to feel that you need a fully fleshed out product before you take it to market — but that’s not
January 27, 2022

SANDBOX Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Scaling your new tech start-up is not a cakewalk. Numerous questions pop up in your head, from pitching the investors to managing your social campaigns. But
January 19, 2022
man riding a unicorn

Dispelling the myth: How to build a unicorn startup

The unicorn: the myth, the legend, and the enigma. If finding one is a rare thing, then scaling one has got to be even rarer. In