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January 14, 2022
expo 2020

Entrepreneurs should make the most of Expo 2020 – here is why

There is a long list of benefits to hosting a World Expo. It is a massive event that brings worldwide attention to a specific country or
January 10, 2022
value your company

What information do venture capitalists use to accurately value your startup?

If you’re an entrepreneur and keen to attract investment in your high-potential startup, you are probably thinking about venture capitalists (VCs). But what do VCs want?
January 7, 2022
Tech incubators Dubai

Tech incubators – what are they and should you consider joining one?

Building a tech business from scratch can be a tricky task. Many entrepreneurs have a great idea but struggle to nurture it. You may have considered
November 22, 2021
start a social media agency in Dubai

Start a social media agency in Dubai – Step by step

There has never been a better time to launch a social media agency in the United Arab Emirates. New research shows that across the Middle East
November 14, 2021
Could your startup become the next cybercrime superhero

Could your startup become the next cybercrime superhero?

According to an annual report on top corporate risks published by Allianz Risk Barometer earlier this year, cyber risk ranked third in 2021, up from fifteenth
November 10, 2021
robot in a meeting room

Is it time for you to join the 4th industrial revolution?

The way we perform work has changed a lot. The first industrial revolution took us from farms to basic factories. The second was the move into
October 24, 2021
Sandbox accelerator program Dubai

Accelerator program in Dubai: 5 benefits for your start-up

As your start-up grows, you might be looking at joining an accelerator hub where you can catapult your business forward. There are several accelerator hubs around
September 30, 2021
Can your startup be part of the space race

Going galactic: Can your startup be part of the space race?

With technology advancing at a startling pace, rocket launch costs declining, and private sector interest growing, many startups are looking to the stars. By 2040, space
September 21, 2021
arab man talking to a woman about his startup

Series: Funding your startup – Part 3: Where should that startup funding go?

You finally have an investor. Congratulations, now the tough part of spending the cash begins. It’s time to sit down, plan the next couple of years and
September 21, 2021
dtec funding your startup part 2

Series: Funding your startup – Part 2: Top five signs that your startup is a Venture Capital funding candidate

Many UAE entrepreneurs believe that the only thing standing in the way of explosive business growth is funding, that bootstrapping is only going to get them so
September 14, 2021
man opening his company at dtec

Series: Funding your startup – Part 1: Should you look for funding or continue to fund yourself?

Let’s get straight to it: Startups need money. Yet, unless the founders are flush with cash, then most don’t have much of it. Many entrepreneurs in
September 14, 2021
start online education business

How to start an online educational business in Dubai

There has never been more demand for online education in the UAE. According to one recent survey, 83% of employees would leave their current employer so