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September 30, 2021
Can your startup be part of the space race

Going galactic: Can your startup be part of the space race?

With technology advancing at a startling pace, rocket launch costs declining, and private sector interest growing, many startups are looking to the stars. By 2040, space
September 21, 2021
arab man talking to a woman about his startup

Series: Funding your startup – Part 3: Where should that startup funding go?

You finally have an investor. Congratulations, now the tough part of spending the cash begins. It’s time to sit down, plan the next couple of years and
September 21, 2021
dtec funding your startup part 2

Series: Funding your startup – Part 2: Top five signs that your startup is a Venture Capital funding candidate

Many UAE entrepreneurs believe that the only thing standing in the way of explosive business growth is funding, that bootstrapping is only going to get them so
September 14, 2021
man opening his company at dtec

Series: Funding your startup – Part 1: Should you look for funding or continue to fund yourself?

Let’s get straight to it: Startups need money. Yet, unless the founders are flush with cash, then most don’t have much of it. Many entrepreneurs in
September 14, 2021
start online education business

How to start an online educational business in Dubai

There has never been more demand for online education in the UAE. According to one recent survey, 83% of employees would leave their current employer so
August 11, 2021
Dubai Startup Incubator

Dubai Startup Incubators: 2023 Guide

Dubai is home to hundreds of thousands of businesses, with thousands of new ventures starting out here every year. There are many reasons behind the pull
May 23, 2021
start an AI company in Dubai, UAE

Start an Artificial intelligence Company in Dubai, UAE

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And with seemingly endless use cases, from business and banking to healthcare, hospitality,
May 19, 2021

Series: The growth of UAE green tech – Part 4: Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling and waste management: they are both key elements in the ultimate goal of a circular economy. But they have to be kept in balance; ensuring
May 12, 2021
food technology Dubai

Series: The growth of UAE green tech – Part 3: Food production and farming

The world’s population is set to surpass 9 billion by 2050. It’s a staggering figure, and it doesn’t take a genius to infer that this is
April 25, 2021
man using a computer at Dtec

Series: The growth of UAE green tech – Part 2: Renewable energy technology

As the world battles the huge challenge of carbon reduction, there is an urgent need to move towards renewable energies to replace fossil fuels. Because while
April 20, 2021

The Drone Industry is Taking Off: Here’s How You Can Join the Ride

From military and infrastructure projects to agriculture, transportation and entertainment, the use of drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – has sky-rocketed in recent times.
April 14, 2021
UAE green tech

Series: The growth of UAE green tech – Part 1: The reused goods market

It’s become increasingly apparent that the disposable culture we have witnessed in developed economies in recent decades is no longer sustainable. Reuse is very much on